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  • This course is to provide the postgraduate students with a working knowledge on the various aspect and requirements needed in writing a dissertation. It is designed to equip the students with the necessary knowledge and information, skills, and abilities in critiquing a technology/industrial issues and a master’s thesis. The students are expected to have acquired the skills in advising a thesis writer and write his own dissertation proposal with emphasis on technological research.

  • The course introduces students to linear regression models for the analysis of quantitative data, and provides a basis of knowledge for more advanced statistical methods. The course assumes basic math literacy, including familiarity with probability theory, properties of estimators, rudimentary calculus, and linear algebra. The bulk of the course will focus on regression models for continuous response variables, and will include discussions of the mathematical bases for such models, their estimation and interpretation, model assumptions and techniques for addressing violations of those assumptions, and topics related to model specification and functional forms.

  • Identifying and analyzing of cultural forces which shape the direction of Philippine education with emphasis on the purposes of education in their social and cultural contexts. The multicultural factors in society which affect schools and influence learning and acquiring skills important to survival and self-fulfillment will be emphasized.