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Diploma in Professional Education

  • This course introduces the prospective teachers to the three foundations of education, namely, psychological, anthropological and sociological. In the discussion of psychological foundations, learner, the learning process, and the learning situation are emphasized. It discusses the significant facts about each of these components and their inter-relationships in determining the effectiveness of any teaching-learning endeavor. On the anthropological foundations, emphasis is given to culture, cultural heritage, the Filipino family, and the Philippine cultural values. Sociological foundations include topics like education and society and socialization.
  • The Principles and Methods of Teaching will equip the learning mentors all the necessary knowledge, information and skills in the field of education. The different instructional strategies will help them in implementing the methods effectively for lifelong teaching and learning.

  • This is a course focused on measurement and evaluation of the teaching process. It covers the relationship between instructional objectives and evaluation, the making of the table of specifications leading to the construction of a test, scoring, organizing, and interpretation of scores, and computation of grades.

  • This is an introductory course for basic guidance work to acquire a working knowledge of the principles, objectives and various services of guidance counseling programs. This includes an introduction to special education, its rationale, historical background and categories.